Episode Sixteen: Japanese Study Habits

How do you study Japanese? If that’s something you’ve wondered then today’s show is just for you. Japanese study tips & techniques galore!

Episode Fifteen: Can You Save Money on the JET Programme?

For all the folks out there that are about to embark on their JET careers as ALTs in Japan here’s a show dealing with money and finances on the JET Programme.

Episode Fourteen: Kawaii Time

Japan’s ‘Kawaii‘ culture is well-known around the world and one of the reasons that many foreigners decide to visit or move to Japan. In this episode we talk about our thoughts on ‘Kawaii‘ culture.

Episode Eleven: Dances With Cranes

In this episode of the Kotatsu Chatsu podcast we do an interview with another ALT in Japan, Orrin (aka DancesWithCranes) and discuss his life in Japan as a family man and his photography hobby.


Episode Nine: Hunnies Hunnies Hunnies

A new episode of the Kotatsu Chatsu podcast in which we take a look at the exotic ladies of Japan and our dating experiences. That means there’s plenty of laughs to be had!