Episode Thirty-Two: Let’s Play Super Mario & Chat!

Our weekly gaming session sees us return to Super Mario World and this time we actually manage to make some progress despite our usual bantering!

Episode Thirty-One: Snack Attack in Japan!

Your weekly helping of Japan related conversation and Japanese snack reviews. This week we try some olive and garlic Jagariko as well as Japanese pickled plums.

Episode Thirty: JET Programme Pre-Orientation

With only a couple of weeks left until a new wave of JETs arrive in Japan, we take a look at how to best spend your last few weeks in your home country.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Tokyo Top Tips

As is usual, our intrepid hosts set out to talk about some Tokyo top tips but soon find themselves wandering off into tangential paths of discussion that have little to do with anything. All told though, it’s another fantastic show!