Episode Twenty-Six: Japan Banter

So what’s going on with our intrepid hosts? Do they have any plans for the upcoming weeks and months? Listen to today’s episode and find out!

Episode Twenty-Five: Japaning, always Japanin’

Twenty-five episodes in and we’re still going strong. Sit back and prepare your ears for some more banter about life in Japan from the two usual suspects.

Episode Twenty-Four: Lego My Japan, Let Go My Kotatsu

Your intrepid hosts are back with more Lego gaming goodness as they play Lego Marvel Super Heroes and chat about life in Japan.

Episode Twenty-Three: He Sa-shi Bu Ri (久しぶり)

Long time, no see! Both hosts are back and ready to catch up on recent events just for your listening pleasure.

Episode Twenty-Two: Do You Want to Come To Japan?

So you love anime and manga and all things Cool Japan, but do you really want to come to Japan? Listen and find out if Japan is really the place for you and your hopes and dreams.

Episode Nineteen: JET Programme With Courtney Coulston

Another interview! This time we sit down and chat with Courtney Coulston, a New Zealander on her first year on the JET Programme and ask her how she’s found life in Japan so far.


Episode Sixteen: Japanese Study Habits

How do you study Japanese? If that’s something you’ve wondered then today’s show is just for you. Japanese study tips & techniques galore!