Episode Eleven: Dances With Cranes

In this episode of the Kotatsu Chatsu podcast we do an interview with another ALT in Japan, Orrin (aka DancesWithCranes) and discuss his life in Japan as a family man and his photography hobby.


Episode Nine: Hunnies Hunnies Hunnies

A new episode of the Kotatsu Chatsu podcast in which we take a look at the exotic ladies of Japan and our dating experiences. That means there’s plenty of laughs to be had!

Episode Two: JET Programme Experience

Today’s show looks at what the day-to-day life of an ALT in Japan is like and how you can make the most of your time on the JET Programme.

Episode One: The Strongest Zero

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Kotatsu Chatsu podcast! Expect plenty of witty repartee sprinkled with the odd bit of helpful info on living in Japan as a foreign English teacher on the JET Programme.