On Movies With Mikey

Whenever the weekend approaches the first thing I always think about is what movie I can watch. There’s just something soothing to me about unwinding after a long week by watching a movie.

One of my favorite series on YouTube is Movies With Mikey which takes a look at films and talks about what makes them good (or not) from a film-making angle. Continue reading On Movies With Mikey

My Thoughts on Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

On December 18 I was one of millions of moviegoers around the world that headed off to see the first showing of Star Wars Episode VII.

Those of us who had seen both the original trilogy and the prequels knew that despite all the hype, anticipation, and awesome trailers there was a chance that the films would end up being terrible and a huge let down for us nerds and geeks who have so fallen in love with the characters and universe created by George Lucas. Continue reading My Thoughts on Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

See You, Space Cowboy

Nowadays I don’t watch much anime which is pretty surprising given that I live in Japan and used to watch epic amounts of anime as a college student and young adult.

I think it came down to a combination of burnout and just that the quality of shows started dropping off pretty sharply. I’ve also never been into shows such as Naruto, Bleach or One Piece that stretch on and on over what feels like decades. Continue reading See You, Space Cowboy