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100 Days to Offload

One of the things I want to accomplish in 2021 is to write more. And just by luck I stumbled on a rather cool initiative on Mastodon the other day: #100DaysToOffload.

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In With the New

With 2020 being a year that has seen almost everything normal being turned upside down, including our lives, I thought it might be high time for me to make good use of the free time I find myself with and get around to some spring-cleaning on the site. So hopefully I can give a brief update on how things have been for me so far in 2020 and how I’m hoping the site evolves in the foreseeable future. So let’s get started shall we.

Moving to Octopress

So the first thing you might notice if you’ve been here before is that the site looks vastly different from before. Previously I was running it on an instance of Ghost 0.4.1. The second thing you might notice is that the site is no longer hosted on, but rather a vanity URL –

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