Some quick site updates

It’s been ages since I posted last but with good reason. (Although don’t I always say that!)

I’m currently in the process of moving blogging platforms to Hugo in hopes that I can shift away from my current hosting provider and host everything on Github. Working through several years worth of posts and making sure they have converted correctly from WordPress’ html to Markdown is a long and tedious process!

The site / theme itself is up and running on my PC and once I’ve managed to get all my posts checked I’ll be sending them over to Github and redirecting this site to there, so fear not if you find that the site looks a lot different one day.

If you’re keen to get a sneak peak at the new site then head over to Github and let me know what you think.

Once again, apologies for the slowdown in posting, but hopefully a new backend and easier way to write and post will mean that I’ll be less inclined to put off posting in favour of finding myself falling deep into a YouTube thread of related videos.

See you soon in Hugo!