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My 2020 Hobonichi Planners

This year I’m trying to buck the trend and get my annual Hobonichi post out way ahead of the new year! So if you’re keen to see what I’ve opted for this year and how I plan to use my journals then grab a cup of coffee and read on.

My 2019 Hobonichi Planners

2019 is a few weeks old now so it’s a good time for me to post about my latest batch of Hobonichi purchases and give a run-down of how I’m planning to use them this year in both my daily life and at work. This year sees me entering my fifth year of using a Hobonichi of some sort as my planner. I would scarcely have though all the way back in 2015 that I’d be this deep down the rabbit hole of scheduling and planners.

My 2018 Hobonichi

2018 will see me opening up my new Hobonichi Techo for a third year after falling in love with it a few years ago. The brand has always provided excellent quality and a wonderful selection of goods and covers that see me refreshing their page every year at the start of September to place my order as soon as possible.

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