Sakura Time!

April is here (or half way done already by the time I’m writing this) and with that Japan has burst out into cherry blossom mania. The blooming of cherry blossoms in Japan is taken pretty seriously with weather reports even having a special forecast focusing on when each part of Japan can expect to see their local cherry trees in bloom. Stores are filled with sakura flavored snacks and drinks, and most towns will hang paper lanterns along the streets and at parks to herald the end of winter and the start of spring. Continue reading Sakura Time!

Spring in Japan

Spring in Japan is one of the most beautiful seasons anywhere in the world. Every street and park is filled with cherry blossom trees in full bloom and families and groups of office workers eating and drinking under the trees.

It’s also a bit of a respite from the freezing cold of winter before the humid heat and rain of summer arrives. Continue reading Spring in Japan