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Transitioning my Blog

less than 1 minute read

Currently in the process of moving my blog posts over from Wordpress to this Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub with Netlify.

The Wonderful World of Japanese Stationery

1 minute read

One of the first things that comes to mind for many people when you mention Japan is the vast array of crazy inventions that come out seemingly daily.

Starting Off With A Bang

1 minute read

It’s a brand new year and if you haven’t noticed yet the site has also been revamped with the Casperion theme so that it no longer has the basic default them...

My 2014 in Review

1 minute read

This is the time of year that most people take time to be with their families and spend time with people they love or haven’t seen in a long time. As for me ...

Let it Snow!

1 minute read

For me December has always been a time of warm sunny days that are spent relaxing at home with family or hanging out with friends at the beach. Japanese wint...