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Hello Debian 11

For the last few years, I’ve been using Linux as my main OS on almost all my PCs, with some brief dalliances with FreeBSD and macOS. Recently, my ancient desktop PC has been sorely in need of a stable and customizable Linux distribution. After numerous hopping between distros, I finally settled on Debian.

The Adventure Zone

Quite a while back I made a list of my favourite podcasts, and with the ever-changing landscape of podcasts in the interim, I thought it might be worth highlighting my all-time favourite podcast show, The Adventure Zone.

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Cool Hobonichi 2020 Covers

Just a quick follow up from my previous post to highlight two covers that have immediately caught my eye and might be worth your hard-earned money if you’re looking to start using a techo in 2022.

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Hobonichi Techo 2022 Preview Calendar

With August halfway through, it’s that time of year when the preview for the 2022 Hobonichi planner is released. I’ve blogged numerous times before on my obsession with this Japanese planner, and this year will be no exception.

Escaping to JRPGs

With more time on my hands, I’ve been enjoying a resurgence in my gaming time. I’ve already talked about the huge amount of time I’ve sunk into Rocket League, but today I want to talk about how lockdown has rekindled my love of JRPGs.

First Image of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series

Just this past week, the first image of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series came out online, and I thought I’d give my initial impressions as a fan off the books and Peter Jackson’s LotR movie trilogy.

Slow News Day

As you may have noticed, I’ve finally managed to get back into a semi-regular posting / writing habit. Sometimes, though, life is just boring, with nothing notable to blog about. And this is one of those times. So please strap in, and get ready for a short and simple update.


Recently, I’ve been enjoying quite a few retro gaming videos on YouTube, and it’s helped to rekindle my desire to play older games, especially as I’m quite constricted currently in terms of my choice of gaming platforms.

The Spice Melange

For the last two years, I haven’t had much of a chance to go to the movie theatre, but if there is one film that is high on my list of movies to watch, it’s Dune by Denis Villeneuve.

Vaccination Success

Just a short post to say that I’ve managed to get my first vaccination shot today.

My age group isn’t yet officially able to get vaccinated, but most clinics are allowing walk-ins, so I decided to try my luck this morning.

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