Born in the wilds of Cape Town, South Africa. Migrated across the world to Japan, followed by a few years spent in the metropolis of Shanghai enjoying maotai and Taobao. Now back in South Africa, and enjoying the sun and good coffee.

The Long Version

For the first 30 years of my life I lived in Cape Town before I jetted off to Japan where I lived for just 6 years before saying sayonara and hopping over to Shanghai.

I first lived in the southern wilds of Kagoshima where I had gorgeous weather and the majestic Sakurajima keeping me company before I moved to a small rural town in the south part of Nagano prefecture where I taught English at two high schools as well as trying to soldier on through the dreadful winters that Nagano is burdened with every winter.

I then spent a few years in Shanghai, China, where I taught English, and ghot to explore the wonderful world of Chinese street food.

I’m currently running my own business while also trying to tackle my ever-growing pile of books to be read. I still manage to get some gaming in over the weekends which helps me relax after a long week of work.

I blog rather infrequently here and I also try to make my way through a gaming backlog that is seemingly never-ending. To be honest my gaming has been slowly getting less and less with each passing year, so while I’m still pretty up to date with gaming news, I’m more than likely to be playing something from a few years back that I never got to finish when I first bought it.

I’m also trying to keep up my habit of reading a good few books but no matter how hard I try I seem incapable of achieving the Goodreads goal I set myself each year!

When I do get around to blogging I usually write about whatever is on my mind, so you’re likely to find a mix of gaming, movies, music, stationery, books and random bits of Japan to read while you browse through the archives.

No matter how you ended up on my blog I hope you’ll enjoy reading through past posts and find something interesting.

Social Media

When it comes to using social media, I prefer to use decentralized, open, and free social networks.

You can find me on the following services:

  1. Mastodon – An alternative to Twitter. Join one of the hundreds of community servers available, or start your own!
  2. Bookwyrm – A federated alternative to Goodreads. Currently, invite-only but it’s easy enough to request an invite from me or the service’s creator.
  3. PixelFed – A federated alternative service to Instagram. Many servers open for registration.
  4. LinkedIn – A network for professionals. Hopefully I can shift off this soon to Flockingbird.

You can find all my other numerous sites and miscellaneous links here.