Future Site Plans

2 minute read

So after the last update I posted I thought it might be good to try and write a bit more about what I want this site to become and my other writing plans.

Looking back at my writing from ten years ago via the Wayback Machine I was surprised at just how much more frequently I used to write back then. I wrote about an eclectic mix of open source tips. personal life events and anything else that struck me as interesting or worth putting down in words on my blog. It was also a time when blogging was seen as something much more popular than it is today. Short tweets and Facebook posts are where most people tend to express themselves with other sites such as Reddit and Tumblr grabbing the remainder of the attention of people who want to share their thoughts and opinions. I still think there is plenty of opportunities and space for traditional style blogging, but then again I’ve never been too concerned with whether or not I have an audience. Most of my writing tends to be for myself, either as a way to document things in my life or as a way to hone my writing skills.

So what does this mean for the site? Well for one thing I want to blog more regularly. I think that writing is something that I enjoy doing and its something that I very much want to work at improving. Comparing what I write today to what I used to write I’m a bit concerned that my skills as a writer have atrophied to an alarming degree. hopefully practice makes perfect and the more I can write, the more comfortable I can get with my writing and prose.

In terms of content, this site will probably stick to a personal approach. Especially as it’s at a domain using my name. It would be a good way to showcase my writing skills and can function as a portfolio of sorts. I have a second site that I want to use as more of a computing / gaming / Linux writing site. Tech and writing have always been my forte so I’m hoping that if I can focus on that I’ll be able to have a good showcase for any writing gigs that might come up in the future.

At the same time I’d love to also get a bit more fiction writing under my belt. I’ve never taken the time to ever work on fiction to any degree and I think it would be a very interesting challenge for me to try and branch out in that direction.

The point of all this is that I need to write more. i was really shocked to see how my writing output has decreased year on year. I used to enjoy sitting in front of my laptop and write out a post but for some reason the last few years have seen my enthusiasm decrease and I just haven’t been motivated. Writing is a wonderful outlet though in stressful times and can be a good escape from daily stress and it’s a fantastic way to express yourself.

So hopefully this will be the first of many more regular posts and I hope that I can return to the heyday of my writing and improved with every word that comes out in front of my typewriter.