Hello Old Friend

1 minute read

So as you may have noticed Ive gone and swapped over to WordPress after running Ghost for most of the last year and a bit.

While Ghost really is a fantastic writing experience and shows a lot of promise as a blogging platform, it is still far behind WordPress in terms of supporting third party plugins and the current rate of progress with Ghosts API means that Ill probably have to wait a lot longer for it to reach anywhere close to the same level as WordPress.

So rather than trying to plod on with Ghost I think its far more sensible for me to use WordPress in the meantime and if Ghost does manage to get a good selection of plugins to be useful to me in the future then I can always make the move back to it. I suppose that’s part of the reason that Im glad to be running my blog on a hosted server. I have far more flexibility in managing the backend of my blog rather than being stuck with only one option.

The actual export and import of my posts and data went fairly smoothly. Most of my images are hosted at Cloudinary so I didn’t have to worry about updating any of my internal links. The only real problem I ran into was having to update all my post dates which took me a good few hours to sort out. The one final thing I still need to do is to set up categories and tags but I think Ill get to that when I have more downtime at work.

In the meantime I need to settle on a good selection of plugins and a theme but so far Im rather happy with how the site is looking!

Feel free to pop me a comment or message if you notice any funny bugs or missing functionality.