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Another weekend is down and this is my last week of teaching before I head back home for some much-needed R & R with family and friends in South Africa.

Sadly it’s going to only be for a week so I’ll have to try to cram in as many visits with friends and sightseeing into the little time I have.

The best part about travelling this time of the year is that I’ll avoid the cold end to winter here in Japan and be able to bask in the wonderful Cape summer heat for a few days. Seeing that Japanese summers are notoriously humid it’s going to feel like heaven to experience a warm, dry summer for a change.

I actually found myself watering at the mouth just thinking about eating some droewors and biltong when I get back home. And the famous South African braai is going to make me delirious with delight. I’m sure that by the time I come back I’m going to have gained quite a bit of weight from all the food I’ll be eating but every bit of it will be worth it!

The worst thing about travelling home you ask? I’ll be sitting on planes for close to 24 hours in order to get back to SA. I have to fly up to Kansai airport in Osaka and from there I will fly with Emirates via Dubai before eventually landing in Cape Town nearly a full 24 hours after I leave Japan. Each of the trips from Osaka to Dubai and Dubai to Cape Town in a not insubstantial 10 hours. And believe me, when you’re someone who isn’t able to sleep on planes that is as close to a living hell as it is possible to get.

Of course I’m also going to miss Japan for that week. My life here has become so natural to me I can scarcely imagine living with convenience stores, the crazy variety shows on TV and the hustle and bustle of life working at a Japanese school.

Also, a week after I get back Sony will finally be releasing the PS4 in Japan. It’s been hard seeing everyone I know enjoying their time with their Xbox Ones and PS4s while I’m been eking out the last few scraps of enjoyment from my faithful old PS3. The gamer in me is chomping at the bit to hook up my PS4 and jump online. It’ll also be great to be able to stream without having to hook up my laptop and microphone to feed through to Twitch.

So when I get back I should be able to post a few photos from my trip as well as some stories from my travels there. I might write up a post or two before I leave but if not then at least in about two weeks time.

Until then, ciao!