On Movies With Mikey

1 minute read

Whenever the weekend approaches the first thing I always think about is what movie I can watch. There’s just something soothing to me about unwinding after a long week by watching a movie.

One of my favourite series on YouTube is Movies With Mikey which takes a look at films and talks about what makes them good (or not) from a film-making angle. What makes this series so perfect is not only that he really does an excellent job of breaking the films down in a positive way, but that he does it with such enthusiasm and delight for the medium and in a funny and engaging manner.

A lot of the videos are upwards of 15 minutes and even though shorter videos are more popular on YouTube I still immediately watch Movies With Mikey as soon as it pops up in my feed.

It’s interesting to look at movies a bit deeper and see just what makes them as special as they are. Half the time I’m amazed at the small details that the director throws in to connect various strands of the story or to elaborate on the characters’ motivations without resorting to dialogue. It’s these things that make watching films something more than a passive experience. We as viewers are asked to participate in understanding the message the director is trying to convey to us using the pictures they have created and the words they have written.

This is why I can highly recommend Movies With Mikey and if you’re a fan of film in any way whatsoever, then you owe it to yourself to watch every video on that channel. You’ll never watch a movie the same way again.