Starting Off With a Bang

1 minute read

It’s a brand new year and if you haven’t noticed yet the site has also been revamped with the Casperion theme so that it no longer has the basic default theme that ships with Ghost. Truth be told the redesign came about due to a failed upgrade attempt which meant I had to redo a lot of the back-end of my site so it was the perfect chance to do some much needed tinkering behind the scenes and get things looking a bit brighter for 2015.

My New Years holiday in Japan was pretty short at only one week but it was spent doing a lot of relaxing and eating too much good food so it’s not so different from the Christmas holidays in the rest of the world. We had quite a bit of snow which meant that our planned trip to Nagoya for two days had to be cancelled but at least that meant that we saved a bit of money for future trips this year.

One of my best friends here in Japan went back to the States for his holiday with his fiancé and got married in a proper American ceremony so I’m extremely excited to attend their Japanese ceremony in a few months time. It’ll also be a good excuse for me to visit Kagoshima again of course!

Now that the new year has started there are a couple of things I want to try and make habits if I can:

  • I want to study at least one hour of Japanese everyday (kanji included!),
  • get in 30 minutes of time on my stationary bike so that the short winter days don’t stop me from staying in shape,
  • buy and play fewer games this year,
  • and finally, be more organized in both my studies, personal life and teaching career!

I’m hoping that a new-found interest in Japanese writing instruments might get me to be more motivated to study and put pen to paper and that it will also carry through to being more organized in the form of journalling and scheduling my lessons and Japanese studies.

So with that let me leave you to browse around the site a bit. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the redesign and any New Year’s resolutions you might have!