The Adventure Zone

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Quite a while back I made a list of my favourite podcasts, and with the ever-changing landscape of podcasts in the interim, I thought it might be worth highlighting my all-time favourite podcast show, The Adventure Zone.

The Adventure Zone is an actual play podcast that uses various RPG systems, such as Dungeons and Dragons, to present a fun and interesting campaign played amongst the three McElroy brothers and their father.

A few years back I first listened to it and since then I have become addicted to each episode and campaign. The banter between the family members and the quality of their writing has been wonderful to see evolve over the course of the show.

It helps that the various campaigns jump between different RPG systems, which helps keep the show fresh. Currently, they’ve made 143 main campaign episodes spread over 4 seasons, from the first episode back in August 2014.

If you’re a fan of RPGs and comedy, then I cannot recommend another show as highly as The Adventure Zone.

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