The New Deadpool Movie

1 minute read

One of the things that I wanted to take advantage of on my trip back to South Africa was the chance to watch the new Deadpool movie that released 14 February. The timing was perfect for me as that was the very day that I would arrive from Japan!

Now before I give my thoughts on the film you’ve got to realize three things:

  1. Movies in Japan are expensive;
  2. Movies release much later in Japan than most other parts of the world; &
  3. Violent movies can be highly censored in Japan.

So you can imagine my happiness at the prospect of seeing Deadpool in all it’s glory with no cuts and at a cheap price far ahead of the August release it would have in Japan. Thanks to my friend Ryan we were able to get tickets for the equivalent of only ¥400 each rather than the ¥1,800 that movie tickets sell for in Japan.

Once we had our cheap tickets we headed through to the cinema to grab some popcorn, but seeing that the people in front of us were seemingly ordering a feast I called it quits on buying some popcorn and rather headed straight into the cinema.

As for the movie itself, did it live up to my expectations? Hell, yeah! Ryan Reynolds is the epitome of the Deadpool character and is by far and away the best actor for the role. The story and dialogue were hilarious, violent, and over the top as befits a Deadpool movie that is trying to stay as close as possible to the roots of the comic it is based on.

The only slightly poor part of the film was the final portion that saw the movie begin to resemble your typical superhero action movie, which was pretty sad when you realize just how brilliant the beginning and middle of the movie are. Hopefully if they get the chance to make a sequel they can come up with a film that stands on its own two legs rather than having to rely on stereotypical movie tropes to ensure it will be popular at the box office.

After seeing just how popular the movie has been at the box office since it released, I think there’s a very good chance that we can see a sequel a year or two down the line, and that is something that I am very much looking forward to. As long as they can keep hold of Ryan Reynolds and keep the story as edgy and crazy as the first film, then the fans will flock back to see it a second time. Most importantly, it’s cool to see a Marvel movie that’s a bit different from the last few films they have released.

Here’s to seeing Deadpool in 2017/18!