Vaccination Success

less than 1 minute read

Just a short post to say that I’ve managed to get my first vaccination shot today.

My age group isn’t yet officially able to get vaccinated, but most clinics are allowing walk-ins, so I decided to try my luck this morning.

My local centre was very well organized and even though it took me more than 90 minutes to get in and out, the entire process was rather painless and went by without a hitch. No one was frustrated or upset with the wait, and all the staff were pleasant and helpful to all of us.

Overall I’m very impressed with just how well South Africa is managing to get its vaccination drive under way, even though its efforts were hampered early on by the slow acquisition of vaccines and plenty of kinks in the system to work out.

So far I’ve had no side effects and I feel pretty okay. Now it’s just to wait 42 days for the next shot and for China to reopen…

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