Writing Inspiration - 27 Days 27 Stories

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With more time on my hands due to being between jobs and having to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions in my country, it’s been a good time for me to shift focus to some of my other interests that I’ve sorely neglected. And one of my passions that I’ve sorely neglected until now has been my writing.

In a previous post I touched on this a bit and stated that I wanted to work on a 100 posts in 2021 to try and get my writing skills back up to par. While it’s still very early in the year, I’ve already surpassed my post total for all of 2020! That just goes to show just how much my writing output has decreased.

As part of my writing practice, I’ve started an account on Mastodon to follow accounts focused on writing and to share some of my works of fiction. It’s here that I stumbled on Invader Xan’s 27 Days 27 Stories, a series of 27 writing prompts for 27 days of short fiction writing. This is exactly what I was looking for, as I always have trouble getting good inspiration for any writing which in turn means I barely write at all.

So my hope is that I can use Invader Xan’s post as inspiration for a month of writing short fiction and use that as a stepping stone to become more confident in my own abilities as a writer. Seeing that most of my writing experience has been in non-fiction, this will be difficult and slow going at first, but as with anything difficult, the more you stick to it and practice, the easier it gets in time.

If you’re interested in seeing how I do, the feel free to follow my blog, 27 Days of Fiction Writing and feel free to give me any feedback at Mastodon or in a comment here.

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