Early Morning Missiles

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What should have been a rather boring and uneventful Tuesday morning turned out to be rather eventful with my town’s emergency PA system blaring out a warning around 6am.

Being pretty much still asleep I turned on my phone to see what time it was and was greeted by an emergency warning message in Japanese saying that a missile was travelling over the northern parts of Japan and that people should be careful of anything that might fall in the case of the missile exploding or falling apart.

Thankfully though it was more of a precaution than anything else, as where I live is very far from where the missile trajectory was. The government had decided to notify many of the surrounding prefectures just in case though.

Other than that things have been going as to be expected in my life lately with not much exciting news to write about, which is why I’ve been so lazy to write anything on the blog.

Two things of interest though for me:

  1. I’ve gotten into the Lore podcast and I’m loving it. I try to get through one or two episodes every night just before I sleep. Highly recommended!
  2. I’ve picked my stationery habit back up after a long break and I’ve enjoyed discovering some pretty cool pens and pencils. Japan really is a treasure trove of stationery goodness!

I’ll be sure to try to write something in the next week or two and highlight a couple of the cool stationery items  I picked up during the summer holidays, so keep an eye out for that!