Falling Into Autumn

1 minute read

Another long break between updates to the site! That must mean that the intervening time has been chock full of awesome and ventures and exciting tales right? Wrong!

The last few weeks / months have seen me spending most evenings and nights watching far too many YouTube videos and just lazing around without doing anything productive and it’s taken a toll on my fitness and seen me put on a kilogram or two despite some rather good long hikes. This winter I’ll have to look at getting some indoor exercise despite the freezing cold of the winters in Nagano.

I’ve also picked up some new reading material in the form of several books to tide me over through the long evenings and nights I spend at home. Seeing as I no longer have internet or a TV of any sort I’ve had to resort to downloading YouTube videos at work and re-watching old DVDs I own on my laptop’s tiny screen. Not the most exhilarating entertainment!

Now that I’ve covered the last few weeks / months it’s as good a time as any to talk a bit about some plans I have for the future of this site. With my current financial situation being rather restricted I am considering moving from a hosted WordPress site to something free, whatever that may be. Also I’ll more than likely stop using this domain name and revert to a provided one from whichever blog platform I decide to migrate this site to.

Unfortunately that’ll be less than desirable when it comes to SEO and having a stable web presence but it’s unavoidable. Seeing that the time I devote to this site is very small and that I have no internet access at home it’s probably for the best in the long run.