My 2018 Hobonichi

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2018 will see me opening up my new Hobonichi Techo for a third year after falling in love with it a few years ago. The brand has always provided excellent quality and a wonderful selection of goods and covers that see me refreshing their page every year at the start of September to place my order as soon as possible.

TS Black cover

For 2018 I’ve decided to stick to a simple and versatile cover by going for the Basic TS cover, with the TS standing for Taku Satoh, the graphic designer who designed the cover.

Usually I’ve gone for covers that have been more unique but in this case I wanted something simple and basic that would fit in a business situation rather than an eye-catching design. I’ve also always loved leather products such as the Traveler’s Notebook covers so the fact that the Basic TS is made from cow leather is a nice bonus!

TS Black cover

Of course it’s not just the cover I bought, but also the excellent Hobonichi Planner that goes inside it. As ever the paper is perfect and unbelievably thin and the design and layout of the pages is great with only a few subtle design changes from the 2017 layout.

This year I’ve also significantly pared down my Hobonichi purchases and opted to only go for the English version of the planner. For 2017 I eventually ended up settling on the Hobonichi Weekly after try my hand at the Cousin and Original sizes. I’ve also decided to use only one planner for both journalling my thoughts down, however brief they may be, and noting down appointments and things  I need to do / remember.

So here’s to another year of awesome memories and journalling in my Hobonichi!