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Another Year, Another Hobonichi

3 minute read

Whenever September rolls around I scramble on the first day of the month to be one of the first people to order my Hobonichi Techo for the following year. No...

Back in the Saddle

1 minute read

So after a long break that started at the end of July when JET contract ended, I’ve had to finally get back into the groove of waking up early and going in t...

Farewell JET!

2 minute read

Five years on the JET programme has now officially passed with my final JET contract coming to an end at the end of July this year. Whenever you come to the ...

The Kojima-P.T. Conspiracy

less than 1 minute read

You remember a while back when I wrote about my frustrations with Konami?

Saying Goodbye

1 minute read

April is a time of year in Japanese schools that I’ve written about before, but despite that it still hasn’t gotten any easier every year to see teachers I’v...