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PS4 Impressions

2 minute read

With the release of Sony’s PS4 system in Japan on 22 February I decided to pick up a console for myself. Since moving to Japan I’ve moved to Sony’s platform ...

Thoughts on FastMail

1 minute read

Recently I’ve been looking to move away from Google’s free services to solutions that, while paid, might be a better fit for me as well. There’s also the fac...


6 minute read

What a hectic past week it’s been! I’ve just returned from my trip to South Africa and it feels a little bit sad to be back actually. For all it’s crime and ...


1 minute read

Another weekend is down and this is my last week of teaching before I head back home for some much-needed R & R with family and friends in South Africa.

Fond Farewells

1 minute read

As I was walking to the local convenience store this morning it struck me that this weekend will be my last official weekend of gaming on my old PS3. After t...